About Us

The foundation of Heal and Rise was laid with an aim to impart soft skill training to students, as our founder Ms. Prerna Dua believed that an individual’s success in his personal and professional life depends on how one learns to approach life during their teenage years. Her expertise in psychology inspired her to give back to the society in form of counseling and life coaching services. Later, the branches of Heal and Rise expanded.


Today, the organization is providing its expert services across all age groups. The vision is to equip the individuals with the skills to succeed and grow in their lives. Its foundation was laid in Delhi, but today our team has expanded across India. Heal and Rise also has its branches in the health sector as an initialize for staff and patients. We have also extended our community services to various NGO’s.


Heal and rise is working with the aim to increase the wellbeing of the individuals. Our services for teenagers aim to shape the inner as well as outer domains of the personality. To reach out to the individuals facing career dilemmas at different stages of life and to provide life coaching in domains of professional life, personal life and social life. The goal is to guide the individuals in the paths of life purpose, attainment of mental strength and relationships. Moreover, a collective effort is also taken to deal with the individuals in the phase of trauma and to even increase the psychological wellbeing of the patients and individuals dealing in health sector. The ultimate aim is to equip the individuals with skills to succeed and grow in their lives.

Dedicated To Your Health And Well Being.

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