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The foundation and stepping stone of Heal and Rise was laid by Ms. Prerna Dua with the aim and belief that the individual’s success can be shaped in their teenage years where they can mould their future like a potter does with soil and transform it into a piece of beauty. Her expertise lies in the field of soft skills and psychology that turned out to be driving factor for her aspiration to heal the nation by providing counselling and life coaching services. With her constant efforts and trust of the members of organisation it soon expanded rise to fame.
Today, the organization is providing its expert services across all age groups across the nation. The motive and sole purpose of Heal and Rise is to equip the individuals with the in-demand skills to succeed and grow in their lives. Its foundation was laid in heart of nation Delhi, and have outreached whole of India. With blooming in the sector of training experience and tie ups we have associated with learning and content development at AtivittiAI Technologies Pvt. Ltd., learning partner with Finvis Advisors, learning partner at Smart School Education Pvt. Ltd. We have also extended our community services to various NGO’s and helping the health sector as well.

Our services for teenagers aim to shape the inner as well as outer domains of the personality and make them a better version of themselves. With an experience as a Professional life and relationship coach our head has been certified by Mental Health Foundation India (MHFI), AIIMS; development Psychology by Royale Institution, Malaysia. The goal is to guide the individuals in the paths of life purpose, attainment of mental strength and relationships. Moreover, a collective effort is also taken to deal with the individuals in the phase of trauma and to even increase the psychological wellbeing of the patients and individuals dealing in health sector.

We have won many awards as 1st prize in paper presentation, B.R.Ambedkar College, Delhi and University excellence award in Psychology, Ramanujan College, Delhi University. We have esteem pleasure while with adani group, Microsoft, Delhi University and others. With the knowledge of organizational research work we have provided best services and aim to do so in future as well and work for the beneficence of the nation and individual and let them grow.

Dedicated To Your Health And Well Being.

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