How Couples Counselling Helps Couples?

What is Couple Counselling?

Couple Counselling, in a nutshell, is the space where two people in marriage or otherwise are able to interact with the counsellor. They are free to discuss and seek advice about their relationship.The counsellor remains neutral between the two and both can discuss intimacy, communication, conflict, etc.

Couple Counselling may be for the premarital relationships who are looking for marriage. Counsellor sees their compatibility objectively and systematically. Relationship Counsellor in Delhi talk through their expectations, hopes and fears. Counsellor enables the couple to express their feelings freely and clearing out the misunderstandings.

Signs Twosome Needs Counselling

Couple or Cohabitees could benefit from Couple counselling under the following scenarios :

  • Facing Challenges in communicating. In case there are fights, awkwardness or unpleasantness.
  • The difficulty with inlaws, money matters or career issues.
  • Planning to get married.
  • Planning to have a baby.
  • Unchanged behaviour of the partner.
  • Dealing with sexuality or monogamy.
  • When you want to bring your relationship back on the track.
  • On the edge of getting separated.
  • Coping up with singlehood.

Couple Counselling Process

Couple counselling involves hourly sessions in which assessments are made on the partner’s backgrounds, history of the relationships, individual concerns and fears.

Psychologists in Delhi helps to bring out clarity among the duo. Working through their relationship counsellor helps in setting couple goals.

Partners may need to go through many sessions. In every session, some particular aspect is discussed in detail. This may even include various types of interesting exercises practising the newly formed behaviors. Which later are assessed by the counsellor. These sessions help in finding out individual needs, desires and expectations from the other.


Regular advice and sessions from counsellors may benefit in the ways:

  • Improvement in Communication. This helps in making a better connection with the second half.
  • Strengthening of Bonds. With the removal of misunderstandings that may have arisen due to conflicts. As through counselling partners are able to express themselves better, eventually leads to enhancing the bonds.
  • Higher Self Esteem. With understanding and appreciation from partners, individual develop higher self-esteem.
  • By coping up with problems on the personal front, feeling of contentment arise. Now after having better relations, they seek help from their spouses and other relationships as well.
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