What Is The Matter With Today’s Generation ?

It seems that it has become a fashion trend among parents and teachers to discuss about “what is the matter with today’s generation”. Every time to address a group of parents or teachers, to analyse their problems with their children or with their students. Some of the problems are:

  1. The are too arrogant
  2. They don’t know what is respect
  3. No sense of responsibility
  4. Spend too much time on their cell phone

It appears like never ending story but they seem to be seriously disturbed. But then i ask “why do you think they do this?
And yet again begins the next round of all those allegations. The answer comes, they got it all so easily, and they don’t value it.

We need to analyse the cause of all those suicidal tendencies, addiction, problems, behavioral issues, emotional disturbances.

Though i fully sympathies with the parents but amused to hear them justify. “what have we not done for them? Etc.
Surprisingly we all assume that the child is always ” wrong ”

If we sit and analyse what have we done so far. We can see that we have gave them –
Admission to good school/college

  • All possible comforts
  • Standard of living
  • All the demanded gadgets, holidays, parties etc.
  • Teachers gave there knowledge


What else ? Did you?

– spend time with them listen to their day to day issues and encounter with life?
– You even guided them how to deal with their self esteem issues
– Guided them with their decision making?
– Guided them for understanding relationship?

And if to question why not? The response are like
-who guided us? We learnt on our own.
-He never talks to us.
-How would I get to know what is wrong?

And when to talk to teachers, irrespective of what classes they teach. They say
-we don’t get paid for all that!
-I am an accounts, teacher, they should here a trainer to do all this.
-This generation is not interested in anything, they know more than us. We should focus on completing our curriculum.
Therefor, no one is ready to provide him what he is ready to provide him what he is deprived of. We are just fulfilling our duty to be a parent or a teacher. As a, teenager he is facing the roller coaster of the emotions, situation and competitor, we just give them what is easy for us. Whatever is necessary to look like a good parent.
-It is easy to teach books than teaching life
-It is easy to give gadgets than talk to them about their issues.

And Finally
-it is easy to blame and criticize them than investing real time in every day life. We do not want to out of our comfort zone. The role of a teacher and a parent shapes the life an individual we need to equip them with the life skills of –
-Self Awareness
-Emotion management
-Relationship management
-Failure and Success management skills

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