Marketing Psychology

Marketing Psychology is crucial in sales. Not only in dealing with direct customer i.e. B2C sales, but at marketing level, wherein, a lot of expenditure is spent on advertisement. Advertisement company the major part of marketing as it attract bot of customer at one go. Marketing is also responsible for the schemes and discount. Which includes price psychology. For any organization, earning profit is of utmost importance.

Today, a customer is exposed to an international market at one click. A consumer is much more aware of his needs and market than 10 years ago. Marketing is not only restricted to buying and selling of goods and services anymore.
Marketing yourself in an interview, or marketing your company for a venture involves the same theory or marketing which we study at a very basic level of B2C sales. Now, when it comes to understanding the psychology of a customer, there are certain fundamental principles that one can follow. But it is violated tons of times every day by the marketers because they lack the understanding of their customers. Even if they understand, they fail st applying the principles.
Health is wealth! Good health keeps us going. People have started to loses their focus on health.
Psychologically, its quite challenging though crucial to overlook your own perspective and put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. It is important to analyse that without doing so, you will encounter problems to appeal your offering and getting them satisfied with their purchase let us put some light on some critical areas of marketing Psychology –

What temps one population can be total turnoff for a another population on basis of gender, geography, age or personal interest, Example, A fundraiser who moved from Delhi to jodhpur observed that people of Delhi wanted to see their names in light whereas the counterpart preferred anonymity.

Customers are conditioned by not only your words but previous experiences associated to your business.
Using actual words. Customers use is far more better than its synonyms. Example, parent talk about bedwetting. Not an issues. Similarly, mobile devices is not the term customers use. Instead they think of cell phones.


If you don’t tie your products or services to the factors that motivate people to spend money on it, your marketing fails. Nothing substitutes for the knowledge of audience’s hot button. These motivations are different for different groups. Example, Entrepreneurial CEO’s feel attracted to something presented as revolutionary, while corporate CEO have a tendency prefer something standardized and safe


Couch facts about your product in terms of what mean to the customers. Once you master the art of connecting with the mindset of the potential buyer, your hardest huddle is crossed.

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